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From the beginning Sientra’s innovation has set a new standard for surgical experiences. Developed by researchers at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, Viality is the only fat transfer system with AuraClens, a proprietary cleansing mechanism (lipoaspirate wash) to better retain viable fat leading to more predictable results, and the ability to process 50–1,050 mL of lipoaspirate.3


Cell Viability1




Average Fat

Easy. Versatile. Effective.

Combining the art and science of fat transfer, the Viality system allows for more predictable results.1


Viality in ActionHighly Concentrated Fat for Reinjection


Harvest Fat

In-line with a liposuction machine, the Viality system collects lipoaspirate into a chamber which is lined with a fine mesh to retain the fat, allowing unwanted smaller particles and fluid to flow through.


Wash Fat

Once the desired volume of lipoaspirate is in the system, the AuraClens concentrating wash is added and mixed to wash and concentrate the fat. This aids in the removal of free oils, blood, and cellular debris.


Concentrate Fat

Lastly, a layer of super absorbent foam is exposed by removing the drawer to wick away remaining saline fraction. This leaves highly concentrated fat for reinjection.

Resulting InHigher Fat Volume Retention2

The exclusive AuraClens wash is a ready-to-use, sterile, and highly purified powder formulation of poloxamer 188 (P188) used in solution with saline. P188 allows oil and debris to easily come into the solution by reducing surface tension so it can be washed away. The use of AuraClens wash was shown to improve fat retention by more than 70%, compared to saline rinse, after one year in a 20-patient gluteal augmentation study.2


AuraClens Up Close


AuraClens is a poloxamer, structured with hydrophilic groups opposite a hydrophobic group. It’s mixed into solution with saline for use with the Viality system.


When added to lipoaspirate, the AuraClens solution acts as a surfactant to bring impurities like blood, free oil, and cellular debris into solution, where they can be flushed out through suction.


The AuraClens molecules form micelles around impurities like blood and oil, with hydrophobic groups forming the core and hydrophilic groups reducing surface tension with the surrounding liquid, allowing these impurities to dissolve into solution for easy filtration and removal.


See Satisfaction

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Viality has brought innovation and intention together in the operating room. The use of this system has revealed a new extraordinary approach to fat transfer providing better predictability and results for my patients.– Dr. Bradley Calobrace
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My advice would be, if you’re doing fat grafting, even occasionally, this device is going to give you a better end result in terms of volume retention.– Dr. Bruce Van Natta
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As a plastic surgeon in private practice, I need efficiency in the OR. I need something that doesn’t take up extra time. I need something that I can have my staff assist with. The Viality system is that product… The results that you see six, eight weeks later are very close to what you see on the table.– Dr. Chet Mays
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