SientraENHANCE Consulting

Sarita, Actual Sientra Patient

SientraEnhance Consulting

Sarita, Actual Sientra Patient

Our ENHANCE Practice Development team offers a wide range of support for loyal Sientra accounts. Our ENHANCE team is the best in the industry on working with practices to increase revenue, practice efficiencies, and education for your entire practice, not just our product offering. You will receive recommendations, support tools, and an action plan to drive practice growth.

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Practice Assessments


  • Customer service
  • Scheduling efficiency
  • Process management
  • Consultation quality
  • Patient flow

Human Resources

  • Staffing / staff planning
  • Training opportunities


  • Patient acquisition systems
  • Internet marketing
  • Key procedures and sources

Business and Strategic Planning

  • Overhead Analysis
  • Revenue analysis – goal setting

Areas of Training and Support

  • Understanding the customer buying cycle and how this relates to patient relationship management.
  • Capturing new patient demographic information and sending appropriate materials.
  • Learning how to execute an effective tracking process and customizing follow-up activities to your specific practice.
  • Creating customized fee quotes and generating multiple options.
  • Updating your fee schedule, setting up discount policies, setting up procedure groups, and quoting cost items.
  • Training on how to customize your patient education documents, including letters and some forms.
  • Pinpointing missed opportunities and practice growth opportunities.
  • Mastering the art of qualifying callers.
  • Converting new patient callers into those who have surgery.
  • Converting “price shoppers” into informed consumers.
  • Establishing follow-up processes that capture more patients.
  • Learning new strategies for confirming appointments that decreases no shows.
  • Perfecting patient-centered consultations that increase scheduling rates.
  • Overcoming the “price shopper” and closing the deal.
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