Expander and Implant Options

Eileen, Actual Sientra Patient

Expander and Implant Options

Eileen, Actual Sientra Patient

See Yourself Again in Sientra

See One-Of-A-Kind Expanders

Tissue expanders are designed to offer predictable expansion with your comfort in mind.

See An Unrivaled Safety Profile and Clinical Results6

Our silicone breast implants are clinically shown to have low complication rates through a robust 10-year clinical study and are designed to perform better.1,2

See the Highest Rated Breast Implants in the U.S.*

Loved by women for their natural look and feel.

* Among silicone gel breast implants; 97% “Worth It” rating as of December 2020 on realself.com

Following a mastectomy, a temporary tissue expander is used to slowly stretch the skin to create a new pocket for the long-term breast implant.
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Our Family of Breast Tissue Expanders are Uniquely Designed to Improve Comfort, Control and Peace-of-Mind

Dermaspan Expander
Allo X 2 Expander

Soft, flexible design allows for gentle and more comfortable expansion

Dermaspan Expander

AlloX2’s one-of-a-kind 2-port design helps your surgeon manage fluid build-up non-surgically and less invasively

Allo X 2 Expander
I am amazed by how well I have healed and become accustomed to my Sientras. Retaining my old breast shape has helped my self-esteem and intimacy. – SARAI Actual Sientra Reconstruction Patient

Advanced Implant Options Available in Round and Teardrop Shape

Round Gel Implants

Cohesive Round Implants Designed for a Fuller Look with a Naturally Soft Feel

Round Gel Implants

Designed to provide fullness in the top part of your breast (cleavage)

Round Gel Implants

Created specifically for a fuller overall look

Teardrop Shape Gel Implants

Cohesive Teardrop Shaped Implants Designed to Mimic the Natural Slope of a Woman’s Breast

Teardrop Shaped Gel Implants

The profile of the teardrop shape has a more gentle shaped contour above the nipple and more fullness in the lower portion of the breast

Teardrop Shaped Gel Implants

See a Curated Selection

Choose from 2 Cohesive Gel Levels for 2 Degrees of Softness

Cohesivity Scale
Cohesivity Scale
animation of hand pressing finger into lines to show firmness of implant

High-Strength Cohesive (HSC) Gel

is soft but maintains it shape. HSC implants hold their fullness while mimicking the soft feel of natural breast tissue

animation of hand pressing finger into lines to show firmness of implant

High-Strength Cohesive Plus (HSC+) Gel

is more cohesive than our HSC gel. It provides improved shape retention without the trade-off of an overly firm implant1

Over 250 Round Implant Options

5 Projections Levels


low projection | (160 cc – 700 cc)


moderate projection | (190 cc – 700 cc)


moderate plus projection | (175 cc – 695 cc)


high projection | (190 cc – 700 cc)


Xtra high projection | (275 cc – 510 cc)

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Over 90 Teardrop Shape Implant Options

2 Projections Levels


moderate projection | (160 cc – 700 cc)


high projection | (190 cc – 635 cc)

See Confidence In Patient Satisfaction Rates4


Felt More Feminine


Felt Their Clothes Fit Better


Felt Their Breasts Look Natural and Soft

(primary reconstruction cohort)

98% Worth It Rating realself

The highest rated breast implant brand in the U.S.*

*Among silicone gel breast implants; As of December, 2020, realself.com

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