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We believe superior implants, in the most skilled
and qualified hands, lead to better outcomes


Sientra OPUS implants?

implant science

Implants designed
to perform better with a high safety profile.1,2

Only the best, most
highly trained plastic surgeons

Sientra is available exclusively through board-certified plastic surgeons. With OPUS you can trust you are in exceptionally skilled hands.

The industry’s most comprehensive 20-year warranty

It’s more than a warranty, it’s our commitment to your health and safety.

Implants designed to hold their shape while maintaining a remarkably soft feel


When it comes to patient safety, not all implants are created equal. Sientra OPUS implants are clinically shown to have low complication rates.2

1,116 patients enrolledevaluated for 10 years


capsular contracture rate*

Capsular Contracture

A tightening/hardening of the scar tissue around the implant


rupture rate*

Implant Rupture

A hole or tear in the shell of the implant


reoperation rate*


Any additional surgery performed to the breast after the first breast implantation

*(primary augmentation cohort)


Is your plastic surgeon board-certified?

This is the first criteria to consider when researching a surgeon. Not all surgeons who perform breast augmentation are board-certified. Board-certification requires the highest level of surgical training and education and, as a result, is shown to minimize complications related to breast surgery.3

ONLY Sientra implants are available exclusively through board-certified plastic surgeons. You can trust if a surgeon offers Sientra, they are board-certified.

14 years of formalized training and experience


I went to the beach over the weekend and it’s the first time in a while I wore a bikini! I couldn’t be happier with my results
- RealSelf Member


The highest rated
breast implant brand in the U.S.*

*Among silicone gel breast implants; As of March, 2020,

patient satisfaction rates2


Felt more feminine


Felt their breasts look natural and soft


Felt their clothes fit better

*(primary augmentation cohort)

Because we believe in the safety and performance of our implants, we can offer the industry’s best warranty.

Our Sientra Platinum20TM Product Replacement and Limited Warranty Program provides the most comprehensive protection, longest length of coverage, most financial assistance, and least amount of warranty restrictions amongst all implant brands.

All at no cost to you.

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