• Sientra Acquires U.S.-based OPUS® Breast Implant Manufacturing Operation

    Acquisition advances Sientra’s strategic goal of becoming the leading provider of breast products in the worldwide breast augmentation and reconstruction market.

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  • Designed for the artist.

    We are committed to providing true artists with the best tools for optimal results. Our best-in-class breast products are exclusive to only the most skilled artists - board-certified plastic surgeons.

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  • take comfort.
    we've got you covered.

    more complete coverage. more peace of mind.

    Our Platinum20 Product Replacement and Limited Warranty Program provides the most comprehensive protection, longest length of coverage, most financial assistance, and least amount of warranty restrictions in the industry.

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  • We're
    Our Family

    We’re proud to announce the addition of AlloX2® and Dermaspan™ to our portfolio of breast tissue expanders. Our growing product line of innovative, premium expanders offers simplicity of choice with one-of-a-kind features that meet the highly individualized needs of breast reconstruction patients.

  • One Woman’s Breast Reconstruction Contributes to Another Woman’s Cure

  • The Leading Scar Treatment Has A Beautiful New Look

    We’ve redesigned the brand to reflect the quality of BIOCORNEUM®, the only Advanced Scar Treatment with FDA-Cleared Silishield™ Patented Crosslinking Silicone plus the protection of SPF 30.

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  • miraDry® is now
    a part of Sientra

    Strengthening our product portfolio by adding the miraDry system, the only FDA-cleared device to reduce underarm sweat, odor and permanently reduce hair of all colors.

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  • We Want Your
    Patients to Feel Good.

    Women want their breast implants to feel as good as they look. Our patient website gives them the information they need to get started on their journey.

  • Service.
    It's Why We're Here.

    With Leadership composed
    of highly experienced
    veterans in the field of plastic
    surgery, Sientra has an
    unwavering commitment to
    serving its customers.

    • <span class='bio_name'>Rosalyn d'Incelli</span><br />Vice President, Clinical Operations & Medical Affairs
    • <span class='bio_name'>Dan Carlisle</span><br />Vice President Innovation and Product Development
    • <span class='bio_name'>Deborah Bettencourt</span><br />Vice President, Customer Experience & Corporate Administration
    • <span class='bio_name'>Oliver Bennett</span><br />General Counsel and VP of Compliance & Legal
    • <span class='bio_name'>Jeffrey Nugent</span><br />Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    • <span class='bio_name'>Valerie Miller</span><br />Vice President, Corporate Controller
    • <span class='bio_name'>Paul Little</span><br />Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President & Treasurer
    • <span class='bio_name'>JoAnn Kuhne</span><br />Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
    • <span class='bio_name'>Jeff Jones</span><br />Vice President, Operations
    • <span class='bio_name'>Kirk Gunhus</span><br />Vice President of Sales & General Manager, miraDry
    • <span class='bio_name'>Jason O'Hearn</span><br />Vice President of Sales & General Manager, Breast Products
    • <span class='bio_name'>Matthew Speitel</span><br />Vice President, Finance
    • <span class='bio_name'>Kim Porter</span><br />Vice President, Information Technology

    At Sientra, we’re guided by the science supporting our products which continues to demonstrate the long-term safety and effectiveness of all our implants.

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