OPUS® Breast Tissue Expanders

Sientra remains committed to offering the most innovative designs for optimal results. Like our round and shaped breast implants, our breast tissue expanders give surgeons more ways to meet the highly individualized needs of the patients they serve.

OPUS® Breast Tissue Expanders
More options for you. A more personalized approach for her.

Available only to Board-Certified and Board-Eligible Plastic Surgeons

One of a Kind

AlloX2’s superior dual-port and integral drain designed to access and drain serous fluid accumulation is the first of its kind.

One for All

Designed to promote gentle, comfortable expansion, Dermaspan is a trusted option with a reliable legacy.

All Sientra OPUS® Breast Tissue Expanders are available
in smooth and textured surfaces.

US Patent: #8,454,690