A Legacy of Safety

At Sientra, patient safety and product quality is our highest priority. That is why, from our inception, we have been exclusively dedicated to selling to only board‐certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons, who are the most highly trained to provide patients the safest outcomes. Sientra is also committed to providing transparent, evidence‐based information about our implants to help make an informed decision, as there are many implant options for physicians and patients to use. We stand behind the demonstrated long-term safety of our implants and are so confident in it that we created the best warranty program in the industry, Platinum20™.

Our intent is to strengthen the entire industry and to help drive continuous improvement in options for patients. We will continue to assure the highest patient safety by ongoing clinical studies, implant innovations and transparency with publications of our long-term safety data. If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to info@sientra.com or 888.708.0808.