Sientra FULL CIRCLETM Research Grant Terms And Conditions

Sientra FULL CIRCLETM Research Grant Terms And Conditions

Sientra FULL CIRCLETM Research Grant Terms and Conditions

This document sets forth the general terms and conditions upon which Sientra will make FULL CIRCLE Research Grant funds available. Individual grantees may be required to enter into additional agreements with Sientra before receiving any funds.

1. Eligibility

FULL CIRCLE Research Grants are available only to U.S.-based independent (i.e., not affiliated with any for-profit organization or entity) research or not-for-profit organizations. Prior to receiving any FULL CIRCLE Research Grant, each FULL CIRCLE Grantee must submit evidence of its research or not-for-profit status including, but not limited to, a tax except status determination from the Internal Revenue Service. Failure to submit such evidence will result in forfeiture of any FULL CIRCLE Research Grant.

2. Application and Award Process

Applications for FULL CIRCLE Research Grants must be made by completing the on-line application form at To be eligible for a FULL CIRCLE Research Grant, the research must take place entirely in the United States, and the principle investigator and sponsoring organization must be in the United States. Applications for FULL CIRCLE Research Grants are expected to include a detailed proposal (including rationale and expected benefits of the program), proposed budget, and publication plan, and should generally be completed within twelve (12)-months from the time the grant is awarded. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the FULL CIRCLE Steering Committee who will decide to award FULL CIRCLE Research Grants based upon medical and scientific merit, resource availability and research priorities.

3. Excluded Activities and Grant Limitations

FULL CIRCLE Research Grants will NOT be provided for the following:

A. Activities that are intended, directly or indirectly, to benefit Sientra or to commercially promote Sientra’s products;

B. Research grants for new products or new intended uses of existing products. For support for such activities, please contact Sientra’s Clinical and Medical Affairs department at;

C. Research grants for activities that have already occurred;

D. Funding for capital campaigns, building funds, equipment or capital and operating expenses;

E. Charitable contributions;

F. Entertainment;

G. Funding for promotional activities (other than promotional activities whose purpose is to raise awareness of breast cancer and breast reconstruction issues). FULL CIRCLE Research Grants shall be awarded to institutions only, and not to individual investigators or practices. All FULL CIRCLE Grants must be used exclusively for the approved program and equipment directly related to it, and not for overhead, capital expenditures, administrative costs or other peripheral costs.

4. Research Updates, Reports and Publications

FULL CIRCLE Research Grantees are expected to provide periodic reports to Sientra. Notifications are also required if there are any changes or amendments to the original proposal approved by the FULL CIRCLE Steering Committee. Upon completion of the approved program, FULL CIRCLE Research Grantees are required to provide Sientra with a report (in a mutually agreed format) of the results of the completed program and must certify that the program was conducted, that the FULL CIRCLE Research Grant was used solely to conduct the program, and that all safety reporting obligations were met.

Sientra supports the exercise of academic freedom and encourages FULL CIRCLE Research Grantees to publish the results of any study, regardless of if those results are favorable to Sientra or not. Any planned publications must be sent to Sientra in advance of any submission. FULL CIRCLE Research Grantees must also comply with recognized ethical standards concerning scientific publications and authorship.

5. Additional Funding

Requests for additional funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the FULL CIRCLE Steering Committee. To request additional funds, a new grant request must be submitted before any activity commences identifying the reason for additional funding, the additional amount requested and an updated, detailed budget.

6. Consent to Use of Name

By accepting a FULL CIRCLE Research Grant, grantees consent to the use of content and material concerning the grantee organization (including its name) on information posted and/or promoted on Sientra digital properties including, but not limited to, websites and social media channels.

7. Sunshine Act Compliance

FULL CIRCLE Research Grants will be recorded and reported in compliance with the National Physician Transparency Program (Open Payments) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, and all applicable State laws.

8. Modification or Termination of FULL CIRCLE Program

Sientra reserves the right to cancel, change, or modify the terms and conditions of the Sientra FULL CIRCLE Program at any time for any reason. Any such cancellation, change, or modification will not affect the terms and conditions of any FULL CIRCLE Research Grants already awarded.

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